ISDB2021 rescheduled for 2022

With each ISDB meeting we offer a set of talks and seminars from the most renowned and promising figures in the Developmental Biology field.

But the essence of the ISDB meeting is much more than that. Every four years we bring together our worldwide community, in one place. The social interactions outside the lecture hall connect people from different cultures, different geographical locations and with different expertise, gives rise to new ideas, and creates new collaborations that open the doors for the future of the field.

Under the current circumstances, this essential purpose of the ISDB meeting cannot be fulfilled. The travelling restrictions and the uncertainty of the coming months implicate that many of us will not be able to join the ISDB2021 later this year.

Therefore, together with the SPBD - the local organizers – we have decided to reschedule the ISDB2021 - 19th International Congress of Developmental Biology to 16-20 October 2022. While the date of the meeting may have changed, we can guarantee that its quality will not.

We hope to see you all in Portugal in 2022!


On behalf of ISDB officers and the SPBD,

Angela Nieto

ISDB president