ISDB-C&D Lectures

The International Society of Developmental Biologists, in conjunction with its official journal Cells & Development, is pleased to announce its ISDB-C&D Lecture program. In this initiative, the ISDB and C&D seek to promote interaction and exchange in the global community of developmental biologists by offering awards of up to $2000 (USD) each to support travel by distinguished speakers to international meetings in the field.


Organisers of international meetings involving at least 150 participants from multiple countries and focusing on topics in developmental biology (including stem cell biology, regeneration, evodevo) are eligible to apply for support. Additionally, support will be considered for inaugural meetings marking the establishment of a new national society for developmental biology in a country that does not currently have an active society.


The award can only be used to support travel by an eminent developmental biologist, invited by the meeting organizers, to deliver an ISDB-C&D Lecture at a meeting. Registration or other fees for the invited speaker are not eligible for support. For meetings, at least one of the societies involved in the organization of the meeting must be a current, active member of ISDB by the time the award is made. For meetings to launch a new society, the society shall join ISDB as a full member upon becoming established. Acknowledgment of the support must be made explicitly on meeting materials, such as websites, program and abstract books, posters, etc. which must announce it as “The ISDB-C&D Lecture” and include the logos of ISDB and C&D/Elsevier. The ISDB reserves the right to request samples of printed materials.


Meeting organizers should submit the following items

  1. Name, position, affiliation and contact information of the organizer(s) and the national society that he/she represents.
  2. Title, date and venue of meeting.
  3. Mission statement for the meeting.  This statement should include an explanation of how the proposed lecture will facilitate international interactions among developmental biologists.
  4. Preliminary program.
  5. Estimated number of participants. This estimate should be justified based on metrics such as number of participants at prior similar meetings, number of preliminary registrants, or number of invited speakers. Note that ISDB-C&D Lectures should be targeted at audiences that exceed 150 participants.
  6. An estimate of the travel costs for the Lecturer, and a summary of other financial support obtained or applied for.

Application materials should be sent to the ISDB President by email.


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, year-round. Applications should be submitted at least two months before the proposed lecture.


The amount of the award shall be up to $2000 (USD) against actual costs, to be paid by bank transfer.

Recent ISDB-MOD Lecture Awards

Latin American SDB (LASDB) Meeting (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Claudio Stern
Mexican Society of Developmental Biology (Mexico)
Jean-Francois Brunet
Portuguese Society of Developmental Biology (Oeiras, Portugal)
Jean-Francois Brunet
Spanish Society for Developmental Biology (Gijon, Spain)
Arturo Alvarez-Buylla
Latin American SDB (LASDB) Meeting (Medellin, Colombia)
Brigitte Galliot
AOZM Meeting (Singapore)
Olivier Pourquie
Spanish Society for Developmental Biology (Girona, Spain)
Magdalena Goetz
XII National Congress of Mexican Society of Developmental Biology (Jalisco, Mexico)
Angela Nieto
Shaping Life (Marseille, France)
Thomas Gregor
The Molecular & Cellular Basis of Regeneration and Tissue Repair (Il Ciocco, Tuscany, Italy)
Helen Blau
Joint Meeting of the Portuguese, Spanish and British Societies of Developmental Biology (Algarve, Portugal)
Austin Smith
Latin American SDB (LASDB) Meeting (Santos, Brazil)
Maria Leptin
Hedgehog 2015 (Puerto Varas, Chile)
Daniel Kalderon
“Spinal Cord” EMBO Workshop (Sitges, Spain)
Jonas Frisen
Avian Model Systeme Meeting (Cold Spring Harbor, USA)
Claudio Stern
Xth Meeting of the Spanish Society for Developmental Biology (Madrid, Spain)
Tom Kornberg
The Musculoskeletal System: from development to disease (Norwich, UK)
Tom Rando
Inagural South African Cell & Developmental Biology Meeting (Goudini Spa, Western Cape, South Africa)
Jacques Drouin
European Developmental Biology Congress (EDBC) 2019 (Alicante, Spain)
Nipam Patel
2nd V4SDB Meeting (Szeged, Hungary)
Eszter Posfai