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February 1, 2023

Conférences Jacques Monod

Growth & regeneration during development & aging

22-26 May 2023, Roscoff (France)
September 12, 2022

ISDB2021: Registration & abstract submission deadline

September 15th


Cells & Development (formerly Mechanisms of Development) is the official journal of ISDB. C&D is a peer-reviewed journal covering the spectrum between cell biology and developmental biology. C&D considers for publication any model system, from plants to animals, and values a broad range of approaches such as cellular, biomechanical, molecular, quantitative, computational and theoretical biology. 

Published in 1 volume (12 issues) per year, every C&D issue results from a close collaboration between ISDB and Elsevier. C&D incorporates the ISDB News and is the official platform for communication with and between the members of the ISDB.

Mechanisms of Development book