Conférences Jacques Monod

Growth and regeneration during development and aging

The 2023 Conférences Jacques Monod (CJM) conference that will be held May 22-26, 2023 in Roscoff, France will focus on later stages of development and explore fundamental aspects of regeneration, homeostasis of tissue and the mechanisms of aging, when these processes no longer function properly. The program of the conference will include six thematic sessions, each including speakers working in different model organisms with different approaches.

The CJM will cover the following broad topics in development biology and aging:

  • Developmental control of Aging
  • Transcription control and chromatin regulation of cell fate and aging
  • Stem cells and their link with aging
  • Regeneration
  • Development of patterns
  • Senescence and plasticity

Deadline for application: February 7, 2023


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